Sensient Savory Solutions


Yeast Extracts

Sensient leverages premium brewer’s and baker’s yeast to develop superior yeast extracts that enhance savory flavors.

We recognize that consumers are looking at labels more closely than ever and we have you covered. We offer natural solutions to flavor enhancement with our extensive line of yeast extracts. More emphasis on natural, clean label solutions.

Our products are produced under the strictest quality standards using US-sourced bakers & brewer's yeasts so that our customer can be confident their brands’ safety is protected. We offer a wide variety of brewer's & baker's yeast extracts that meet a wide variety of label requirements including: Kosher, Halal, Allergen Free & Low Sodium.

Our team can also work with you to provide a product that will meet your precise flavor profile & clean label needs.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins

As the only flavor company with a global manufacturing footprint for Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins (HVPs), Sensient provides solutions with the finest flavor profiles, ranging from delicate poultry to hearty beef. This robust portfolio has offerings to meet your food application needs, including seasonings, soups, sauces, gravies, entrees, side dishes, snack foods, meat marinades and more.

Our capabilities go far beyond those offered by other HVP suppliers because Sensient delivers an unsurpassed breadth of HVP products from our global locations in the US, Mexica & UK. We're also able to produce some of the finest flavor profiles in the industry - ranging from delicate poultry to hearty beef. We offer a wide range of IP-certified, non-GMO products & low-sodium HVPs for customers with specific label concerns.

Sensient's salt & MSG replacers work to provide the saltiness perception consumers love in lower salt or MSG-free application while our general flavor enhancers provide a savory boost without the addition of extra sodium.

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Savory Flavors

Sensient’s diverse flavor portfolio has been developed with years of experience and dedication to staying ahead of developing flavor trends from around the world to meet your unique formulation needs.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with taste solutions for a wide range of applications by combining technology, innovation, and unique consumer insights.