Flavor Solutions

With the support of our flavorists and application technology team, Sensient’s diverse flavor portfolio has been developed with years of experience and dedication to staying ahead of developing flavor trends from around the world to meet your unique formulation needs.

Product Offerings

Taste Sensations

Satisfy your taste buds with Sensient's robust line of mouthwatering meat flavors - everything from delicate chicken broth and juicy beef sirloin flavors to meatless options that replicate the rich umami taste of beef, poultry, and pork. Sensient's extensive processing capabilities coupled with years of technical expertise in the creation of reaction flavors allow us to offer a comprehensive line of cutting-edge capabilities that suit any label requirement or flavor profile for your formulation needs.

Beef Sensations

Sensient's distinct beef flavors cover the entire flavor landscape. From hearty beef roast to fatty beef tallow, we offer the perfect fit for your next creation.

Chicken Sensations

Enrich your culinary senses by capturing the simplistic taste of chicken. With a wide range of cooking styles available, from roasted to sautéed, there's a perfect fit for your next creation. We have a wide range of water-soluble, oil-soluble and dry flavors for you to play with.

Seafood & pork Sensations

Our culinary-inspired pork & seafood flavors can provide the boost needed to set your formulation apart from the crowd. From vegan bacon to shrimp, we offer a full offering of pork & seafood flavors.

Sun Sensations

Sensient understands that consumers are looking for products that have a health halo & vegetable flavors are a great way to provide enhancement and create great tasting, healthy options. Our comprehensive range of vegetable flavors provides an authentic burst of fresh garden flavor in whatever product they're used in.

Garden Vegetable Sensations

This collection of tomato & other vegetable flavors allow our customers to create products with authentic tastes, from vine ripped to sun-dried tomato as well as popular vegetables like Portobello mushroom & baked potato.

Garlic & Onion Sensations

Whether the cuisine is contemporary American, classic Italian or Asian, onion & garlic are the building blocks for many savory dishes. We offer a wide range of fresh & cooked flavors, such as caramelized onion & natural fried garlic that can enhance any dish.

Herb Sensations

Spice up your senses with our distinctive line of herb reactive flavors. Herbs & spices are many times the "finishing touch" in a dish. From Thai Basil to Cilantro, we offer the extra kick of complexity that you may be looking for.

Specialty Sensations

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with taste solutions for a wide range of market segments by combining technology, innovation and unique consumer insights. The collaborative relationships between our business units and our customers help make our clients’ brands some of the most successful in the market.

Dairy Sensations

Sensient's dairy flavors provide an extra level of decadence to soups, sauces, dressing, & side dishes. Improve the nutritional profile by reducing the use of dairy products without sacrificing flavor. Our core offerings deliver premium dairy flavors that include a wide range of flavors across the dairy spectrum - from rich delicate butter to cheddar cheese.

Gourmet Sensations

Consumers & manufacturers alike are looking toward the kitchen cupboard and home cooking more than ever before for inspiration. Using from-the-named-source flavors allows our customers to create products that are similar to what can be created at home. These flavors are perfect in a wide variety of application - from soups & sauces to dressings & marinades. Sensient offers both unique smoke flavors like hickory to cooking techniques flavors like grilling.

Sweet Sensations

Indulge in our range of sweet flavors, whether you’re looking for fruit or dessert flavors. From tropical sensations such as mango and lime to decadent flavors like dark chocolate and maple brown sugar, we have a wide array of flavors to suit you desired flavor profile.